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Pain Relief:

When people think of pain remedies most tend to think of medical drugs. Some take prescription medication while others use over-the-counter medicines. People who shun such substances may turn to herbs, or acupuncture, or massage, or the application of heat or cold, or any of a multitude of other possibilities. Now another novel technique has emerged.

The dangers associated with aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen and other medical drugs for pain relief have been well documented. They include bleeding ulcers, liver damage, and other nasty side effects. Not surprisingly, people are increasingly avoiding these pills and relying on natural remedies like willow bark and cayenne.

However, here's an alternative remedy for pain you may not have encountered before. This one involves no drugs or supplements whatsoever. It costs almost nothing, is very effective and it works in just minutes. What is it? It's static electricity.

Yes, static electricity, I said it was 'alternative'! Medical science has long recognized that the human body is pulsing with tiny electrical currents. We typically measure these in clinical diagnostic tests including electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, electromyograms, and several others. People know about these electrical currents in the body, yet somehow fail to register that the whole body has micro-currents throughout.

Somehow "normalizing" this flow of electricity promotes healing. And using the technique described below can quickly relieve pain.

Dr. Milt Hammerly, of the Center for Global Medicine in Englewood, CO, has perfected the use of static electricity for aches and pains. Here is the procedure to apply.

Go to your local hardware store and get an ordinary painter's mitt and also a one-foot section of PVC pipe about an inch thick. Create an electric charge by rubbing the pipe vigorously with the mitt for one minute. Then slowly sweep the pipe over the painful area.

Move in a head-to-toe direction, about a half inch away from your skin. After 3 or 4 passes, recharge the pipe by rubbing it again with the mitt. Keep repeating the process until the pain subsides.

Most people get relief within a few minutes, and the relief is usually quite dramatic. Try it, you'll be amazed! Then please let me know about your experience.

So what could account for the success of this strange treatment? That's a good question and I'm sure plenty of people have theories. The fact is no one really knows for sure.

A well known technique in pain management is simple distraction. Literally taking attention away from one's pain tends to relieve it, sometimes completely and for quite long periods of time. I suppose all that rubbing and concentrating on keeping a reasonably correct distance from the body while moving in the required direction could be distracting. However, once the novelty of the technique wore off and skills in using it grew, this explanation would become unlikely.

There is always the reliable fallback explanation that people tend to use when observing success in alternative treatments, the good old placebo effect. This possibility should not be discounted since the power of belief in treatment (and be warned, disbelief too) is very strong. I suspect there is much more to it than this, but as I said, no one really knows.

So whatever the explanation, simple or complex, agreed or debated, observations and reports indicate that it works. This is real empirical medicine. Maybe next time you experience some pain you could give it a try. It won't cost you much and if it reduces your pain and your need for medical drugs, you will be much better off.

Dr Peter Tylee is editor of The Health Gazette and will soon be launching a new site called to help inform people about the uses and risks of medical drugs. An experienced orthodox and alternative health professional and educator, Peter promotes holistic health and prefers natural medicines.

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